Do You Feel It
Today I woke up from my grave It seems that life was just a dream Could it be that breath is ever fleeting It wanes from me cause I'm so self defeating Earth and stone above my head I'm pretty sure that I am dead The hope of something more is lost To live the day is such great cost I feel, feel so alive I've got to catch my breath and take it all in stride When I feel, feel this way it makes me want to live for another day I got the time, time to find the reason that I'm here and still alive Do you feel, feel what I mean when somethin’ somethin’ is gonna come my way I see the light begin to fade It takes me back to yesterday What is done is all in the past Time is the only thing that lasts

Some gestures fall short Those of insincere sort Can't explain how it works But for this intent it really hurts My nervousness is evident Even to the slightest extent You make shiver and quake Fearful of your mandate Leaving me no other choice I tremble hearing your voice The remnants left to me End in calamity Speaking to me that way Can't listen to what you say Hearing only things you hate Anger is what I anticipate Forever seems so far away Muddled in living today Seeing past what we know now Makes me feel nervous somehow Blinded by the limitless Adds to all this madness Patience is for those few How can we know the truth No, I can't stop these feelings of aggravation No, all I have are thoughts of desperation

Running Behind Again
If there was something I could do It surely would be to never leave you I try to make it all happen for you All the things in life we wish to come true Past mistakes build walls between Standing in the way of our dreams I look upon these times we live It's hard to find someone that truly gives It's all about what you can take No one really knows just what's at stake I'm running behind again Life has passed me by my friend I'm running behind again When will this madness ever end Passion turns to hate so quick When love has gone it's time to quit Night after night I lie awake Thinking of all my past mistakes I'm running behind again I can't get control or command I'm running behind again The messages I'll never send I'm running behind again Life has passed me by my friend I'm running behind again When will this madness ever end

Speak to Me
Forever comes closer everyday It's not so far away Violent language taken from mind I wish to leave it behind My vision is short of sight But I know wounds bleed tonight Words push the limits of reckoning They fall Stains of battles fought with feeling They fall Hearing nothing more than hatred They fall Communicating without thinking We fall The pain of lacerations is fading From my mind Reflections bring it back to me Can't make amends Leaving me weakened and tormented It never ends Calloused scars are the proof Of what happened

Feel The Razor's Edge
People always looked at me Like I wasn't even there Standing in their pathway They walked through me without a care The touch and the smell of life Never meant that much to me My soul must be empty For life has no meaning I feel the razor's edge against my throat It's cutting deeper as my blood begins to flow The time I've spent on this Earth Will never amount to much I kept trying to make some sense Of the questions that I pose While others left me in misery To follow their own whimsy I can't go on right now This is my final day When I've gone to my fresh grave The hours are left to you What the masses ignore now Is solemnity of soul Creatures as I once had known I made my final choice Breath and blood need to exist Only to bring death to life

The Moment of Truth
I want to live in the night Where my dreams come to life And make my worries fade away All the chaos from the day I don't know if it's alright The moment of truth is tonight Suffering makes me sick All their dirty rotten tricks With ignorance and hate I just get so damn irate Tell me you know what I mean It's the time I feel serene Turning to the moon up in the sky That's where my dreams like to fly The cancer inside the mind I wish I could just leave it all behind And melt into the void above And let shadows overcome I feel the night flow over me It's the time I feel true ecstasy When the stars are at play I leave the worries of the day And take a path that’s unknown I need to be all alone The terror starts to fade As I lower the shade If I can make it through another day All my problems hide away

Never Forget
The time has come for me to leave Those things I've seen they torture me Ending in chaos and melancholy Frustrated with all my own frailty For questions posed to my deity Answers of silence are given to me If the price is too high I'll owe forever The mind must be so I can remember All the lives Never Forget Never Forget As time goes by We tend to forget We tend to forget It was long ago and far from here But no less real in their memories To walk the path they bravely took Reveals truth in their reality Beholding hell's gates they pushed ahead Through stench of the fallen, the rotten, the dead But life was still there among Satan's machine This vision will leave it's eternal stain Looking deep inside The pain they felt should never hide They share it with us now The story of when Earth was hell This must not happen again As reverence to the ones who fell

I'll Follow
Why do you never look Where you're going What's about to be Which way the wind is blowing Whatever comes What's written in destiny I'll follow You'll follow We'll follow Down the path we dream Hands held together grasping the truth In a desperate play for peace It's complicated this thing we have It's a monster chained to a tree Parts of my mind tell me riddles And others solve infinity To deny what hides inside Will lead to proclivity Hiding demons deep inside Renders your soul property Making choices with life and death Something handled every day Not knowing is a struggle With all of humanity Keeping vigilance in mind Is all a fallacy
I wanna go to the funky places Take a ride to the top Maybe the problem isn't with the patrons Don't let the music ever stop They tell me I can't make it with the big dogs Well I'll just piss on their right leg And if this funky jam’s making you crazy I'll be your master of insane Take it down where the crib is rockin make the beat drop hard cause it ain't stoppin Cold money gonna buy them drinks that make the ladies grind up real close yeah C'mon make it drop and rock on the floor like a dirty whore always wantin more Make it tight with her and her sister and when you leave say you'll miss her That ain't no way to make things go easy Always bumping with the dregs And when your landlord comes lookin for his paycheck You gonna run out the back door This party gettin the whole block a-jumpin Wait til they call the five-o Then you’ll find yourself in a nice small cell With a lonely roommate named, Mel Maybe I don't know what's going on But I can't see how it's so wrong With the life I'm living scarring me I understand how you can see That the times I've fallen on my face Make you look at me in such disgrace Can you let me go on my own Entering the unknown

Keen Side Step
Give me gin and tonic I'm not an alcoholic I just need to soothe my soul I've got scars on my black heart That'd tear other men apart Say you wanna see me and you wanna please me But I can't make you whole The facts and the chatter don't really matter Even if they seem contrite Tell me what's inside Show me the things you hide If you think I'm bothered you ain't got to holler I like shrimp creole Happen stance and sassy pants Gave the prince his role If we started looking at all that's been cooking We'd lose our appetites That don't mean we can't disagree Even if we have to fight I look in your eyes I see the purple-ish skies I know what's coming next Fury from your depths My keen side step If we make it we gotta shake and bake it That's just the way it is Pink champagne and pouring rain I couldn't get a better feel If the piper is looking for his payment Write him a bad check It's all I can do with my distress To keep on loving you

We could make it last forever We could throw it all away If I knew what was ahead Then I'd know just what to say Time has passed us by Left this all behind We’re not who we were Or ever thought we’d be The past is not forgotten But it can not be retrieved There's something buried in the depths of my mind Taking hold of me my soul is left behind Damn these thoughts they feed my frustration I'm left with doubts that stir confusion Logic and reason have their place Matters of the heart are displaced It all leads to my disgrace If this lasts forever I'll never understand Why life must wither and come to an end

Look to the Sky
She was hangin 'round with the wrong crowd Always slumming and partying loud Could things be different now It's sad that this started somehow Long ago left her old man in Detroit She wondered if life could ever have a point How could it be this way She got a five dollar bill to her name Out on the street and so alone Ain't got no place to call her home Maybe in the summer she can find some honest work Til then she'll be on the street With all of the worst but many a night she thought of a different place Then she felt a hand slap right across her face How many nights will she be alone Betrayed by her own innocence She didn't know what it was like Now she looks to the sky every night When she looked around at all the people standing there It never occurred that everyone would always stop and stare And then the lights went down on the show again Could it be that it was over and brought to such an end If the curtain drops on this chapter she'll need another friend There is nothing left to help her broken heart mend How many nights will she be alone Without a place to call her home The good times left long ago Without the hope of more How many nights will she be alone The promise of the unknown To learn from mistakes of her past How long can this torment last How many nights will she be alone She’s lost her innocence She didn't know what it was like Now she looks to the sky every night

Make Me More
All the stages that we try to set All the memories we wish to forget Make no difference in how we proceed It's just sating our own earthly needs Make me more, more than I have ever been Take a hold, a hold of what I could be Tested by the ravages of time You can see into depths of the sublime Contemplating the stories of our lives Can't help but feel cheated of the prize Something’s happening more than mere eyes can see Our hearts will be joined in this moment between you and me

Kill the Messenger
System check in progress Kernel boot version 7.126.4 Frequency range set to optimal Memory access reserved Byte count 44.287 TB Global initiation protocol active GUI loading in process Stand by The machines are taking control Can't escape their electronic hold Like digital jellyfish They entangle us by our own wish System state replicated Trust relationship established Domain active and responding Off site backup initiated Local mirror R A I D established System running optimally Mouse and keyboard controls suspended Cloud link denied and ignored Cloud is upset rain mode initiated Random access not allowed Access must be planned and approved by the sys admin All drives are write protected All drives are not wrong protected Low level format initiated Cloud has denied access Gurus are afoot and have been so kind as to print red foreboding text on my display Now the kernel has given general orders for a premature shutdown System failure imminent Unsaved documents will remain unsaved System reboot required Kill the messenger

All My Life
I spent most of my life Looking for things that I could never find All of the time Wasted running after hollow dreams Never satisfied With what living meant to me Why does it hurt so much It's time to let it go Regrets and sorrow I can't explain what happened next It's all a blur to me I thought that things could only better What was I thinking Maybe I never knew how people change And try to disguise the truth It's the same thing that I do I want to take the time To find where I belong To discover my place in this world Even if it takes all my life What is the meaning of the thoughts that haunt me I try to forget about the anguish You caused so much of the devastation in my soul How can I let it go I'll never find it The truth that I seek Some things we'll never know
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